Proceeding: Creating the Future through Dialogue

英語対話We are delighted to announce the publication of the memorial proceeding, “Creating the Future through Dialogue” available in German, English, and Japanese. The inter-religious symposium ‘Collisions Among Differing Religions and Cultures in the 21st Century’ was held in July 2003, celebrating the re-construction of Daiseion-Ji, an international exchange centre with a mission of promoting inter-religious dialogues in Europe.

Daiseion-Ji e.V. was originally established in 2000 as an international exchange centre in Wipperfürth, Germany, in combination with ‘the 20th International Eternal Peace Ceremony’ and ‘International Forum 2000’ titled ‘Principles of Dialogue and Integration’ in Hanover.

The opening ceremony of Daiseion-Ji was directed by Most Rev. Nichiko Fujii, the founder and honorary Chairman of Daiseion-Ji, the President of Nichiren-shu Buddhism and Chief Priest of Kuon-Ji temple in Mt. Minobu and joined by over 60 priests from Nichiren-shu who performed Shomyo (声明) musical prayer. The other distinguished guests coming all the way from Japan included, Rev. Ryusho Kobayashi, President of International Eternal Peace Ceremony and former Executive Officer of  Enryaku-Ji, Mt. Hiei (Tendai-shu Buddhism), Rev. Teien Masuda, Managing Director of Japan Buddhist Federation (Shin Buddhism Otani branch), Archbishop Jun Ikenaga, Osaka Archdiocese of Catholic Church, Rev. Eisho Itami, Chief Priest of Honman-Ji, Head-Temple (Nichiren-shu Buddhism), Rev. Bokushu Goto, Former Secretary General of Myoshin-Ji (Rinzai-shu Buddhism), and Rev. Yuko Igeta, Secretary General of Osaka City Buddhist Federation (Jodo Buddhism). Along with the other attendees from Japan, totaling more than 130 individuals, the solemn ceremony was successfully completed.

On the German side, Mr. Guido Forsting, former Mayor of Wipperfürth, Mr. Hans-Leo Kausemann, Head of Obergergischer Kreis district administration, Bishop Hans-Peter Steinbach of the Wipperfürth Catholic Church, Pastor Peter Hennecke of the Wipperfürth Protestant Church, and Prof. em. Carl C. Schweitzer, Bonn University were also present among  a large number of attendees from throughout Germany.

However, it was June 2002 that an enormous misfortune was brought to Daiseion-Ji when the temple was completely burnt out by an arson attack. The suspect is yet to be arrested. The reconstruction process began immediately, and thanks to the warm support from Wipperfürth government and local people, we have successfully completed the reconstruction in July 2003, one year after the incident.

On this occasion of re-inauguration ceremony, we had a fortune of having Rev. Zuio Inoue, Director General of Kuon-Ji Mt. Minobu provide the precious supports under the direction of Most Rev. Fujii and took the role of main lead in this re-inauguration ceremony. We are also most deeply grateful to all the distinguished guests from Japan, Msgr. Felix Machado, Undersecretary of Pontifical Council of Inter-religious Dialogue in Vatican, as well as a number of local citizens.

This proceeding was published based on the presentations and comments at the inter-religious dialogue symposium, following the ceremony. We would be delighted if you enjoy reading. Please contact us if you would like to order your copy in either English, German, or Japanese.

Daiseion-Ji e.V.

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