22-23 June 2015 All Japan Young Buddhist Association in Okinawa

Rev. Shokei Steffens, Deputy Chair of Daiseion-Ji Germany participated in the National Meeting of the All Japan Young Buddhist Association (JYBA) in Naha City, Okinawa on 22 June 2015.

Following a lecture “Learning Okinawa’s History” and Peace Commemorating Ceremony by the members of JYBA, the Interreligious Dialogue Symposium was held in the afternoon. The panelists include Archbishop Felix A. Machado from Catholic church, Rev. Shuichi Nara, The Nakamura Hajime Eastern Institute, and  Mr. Mimasaka Higuchi, Honorary president of the Japan Muslim Association. The moderator was Rev. Yoshiharu Tomatsu, Jodo-shu Research Institute.


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On the 23rd, we participated in the 70th Anniversary of end of Okinawa War at Okinawa Peace Memorial Park.

We should never forget the fact that a number of precious life was lost in the cruel battles in beautiful Okinawa. There is still an on-going controversy over the US military base there. Standing on the remorse and hoping for the peace, each and every one of us has to continue thinking what we can do for the future.

Please find out more about the event at JYBA website (Japanese).