Daiseion-Ji e.V. 15th Anniversary – Inter-Religious Dialogue Symposium



Daiseion-Ji, a temple of the Nichiren-shu traditional Buddhism and center for inter-religious dialogue, was founded in 2000 with the purpose of promoting mutual cooperation and dialogues between different world religions.

Today – 15 years since the foundation of Daiseion-Ji – this task appears more pressing and more important than ever before: How can we deal with the world globalization, changing values ​​and seemingly religion-driven conflicts, and fear and threats to divide societies around the world?

However, are religions in fact connecting societies more than separating? In what ways can religions promote peaceful coexistence today and how can they enrich and support each other? To celebrate our anniversary, we hope to investigate these issues together with you.

We would like to invite you to Daiseion-Ji temple in Wipperfürth to share the day of ceremony and the substantial and rewarding event with you.

Abt. Nissho Takeuchi, Chairperson

Rev. Shokei Steffens, Vice-Chairperson

Details about the program and a response sheet you can print as a PDF file here.